Alternative Funerals

We Are All Individuals, Who Are Unique in Our Own Way

At Jukes Funeral Services, we understand that not every family would like a traditional funeral service. Therefore, after years of personalising individual funerals to reflect each loved one’s personality, hobbies, humour, loves, achievements, things that made them who they were and so much more, we have come to specialise in alternative and unique funeral services.

We like to listen, ask questions and get to know the person your loved one was. This will help us to offer services that will be tailored to and reflect your loved one’s life. This is the personalisation that goes hand in hand with an alternative funeral service.

Over the years, we have arranged and conducted funerals of loved ones who were fans of football, rugby, Star Wars, motorcycles, music, vintage cars, etc. or who served in the military, etc. Each family requested that these lifelong joys were reflected in their loved one’s funeral service, and we achieved this by offering our available alternative services, such as a different style hearse, bespoke flowers, venues, special routes to travel to service locations, different coloured ties, smoke grenades and a lot more. We are able to create these unique services by offering alternatives to the traditional funeral service. We will talk through different options for the following with you:

Venues – You may wish to consider holding the service at an alternative venue. We have supported families in arranging funerals that have taken place in their own home, garden, a local community centre or a function room. Many places will allow the coffin to be present.

Committal – You could have a look at the local crematoria, local authority and nearby natural burial grounds before making your final decision.

Coffins – There are many different alternative coffins to choose from: wicker, wool, cardboard and other alternatives to the traditional wooden coffin.

Flowers – Using flowers from the garden or wildflower arrangements can be an alternative to traditional funeral flowers. There are a great number of possibilities; for example, we have supported families who have chosen potted plants (such as chilli plants) instead, and we have arranged for personal items such as a trowel, walking boots or vegetables from their loved one’s allotment to be incorporated into the arrangements.

Celebrants – You may prefer to have a civil celebrant, humanist celebrant or religious leader to conduct the service. Alternatively, you may wish to do so yourself; it is not a requirement for the service to be lead by a professional, and many families we have worked with have created beautiful formal and informal services themselves.

Transport – There are a variety of hearses that you can choose from. If you have a suitable vehicle, then you could arrange to transport the coffin yourself (with some assistance, if you prefer).

Other alternative choices – There are many options available for stationery, refreshments, musicians, dress codes and personal tributes. Please contact us if you would like to know more.