Arranging a Funeral

Arranging a Funeral

Our services start the moment we pick up the phone. Whether you need to arrange for your loved one to be collected from a home address, nursing home, care home, hospital or hospice, we will be there to support you.

When we first speak to you following a death, we will ask a few questions about the person who has passed away, such as their name, address, date of birth, next-of-kin and GP details. This part of the process is called a first call, and you can contact us round-the-clock when the time of need comes.

Once you have provided us with the information that is needed, we will explain the registration procedure and help you with making arrangements, whether a burial or cremation is planned. Should a Coroner be involved in the death, we will tell you what to do next.

After the death of your loved one has been registered, you can call us immediately to organise a date and time for arranging the funeral. You can visit our funeral home to make the arrangements, but if you’d rather not do this, do not worry as we can easily come out to see you at your home address. Simply let us know at first call or as soon as possible if you wish to discuss the funeral arrangements at your home.

Your arranger will guide you through all the items you need for the funeral to take place and help you make the ceremony personal to your loved one if nothing has been decided previously. The Director will remain in touch to support you and will help you attend to any other necessary tasks required before the funeral. Our funeral home includes a Chapel of Rest, and you can visit your loved one between Monday to Friday (appointments needed on the weekend) – just contact us and we will make the arrangements.